Spotify Contacts Database

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Getting heard by the right people can make a massive difference to your career.

Join artists who are scoring huge playlists, new fans & thousands of streams EVERY DAY.

With over 40,000 new songs submitted via Spotify For Artists every single day, your chances of being discovered without going direct to playlist curators are very slim. And Spotify playlist curators are very hard to find, with very few public email addresses.

We’ve solved this problem for you.

Instantly download our Spotify contacts database, send your music direct to official & independent playlist curators & GET PLAYLISTED!

This database includes...
- Verified names & email addresses for 70Spotify official playlist editors (the guys who curate playlists like New Music Friday / Rap Caviar / Rock This / Today's Top Hits / Hot Country / Ultimate Indie & many more) worldwide.

- Verified names & email addresses for Spotify Heads of Music for each genre (inc Rock/Hip-Hop/EDM/Country/Folk/Pop/Indie & more).

- Links, email addresses or submission info for OVER 375 independent playlists (inc large curators like Filtr/Starbucks/Alt Press).



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